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Ciel dégagé

Ciel dégagé

Full price $11.00

Price pet unit per 

Assemblage composé de Jet set barriquée 2,03 mois (67%), de Jet set barriquée 9,03 mois (16%) et de Jet set barriquée 10,17 mois (16%). Juste de la jet set dans toute son éventail de splendeur. 


Montreal brewery born in 2016, located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, that produces quality artisinal beers. The owners, Renaud Gouin and Shawn Duriez, create artisianl beers by following different inspirations. In 2018, Avant-Garde merged with Jukebox, also founded by Renaud Gouin, in order to build a superb production brewery in the former Bingo Hochelaga location, the hottest bingo in town.

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